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Staff : Dr. Pedro Bidegaray

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Dr. Pedro Bidegaray

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Pedro Bidegaray received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Kentucky. Born in Peru, he decided to become an anthropologist while visiting peasant communities in the Peruvian Andes. He believed that studying anthropology would provide the means to promote change and address poverty in rural areas. He later moved to the United States and once he graduated with his Ph.D. moved to Costa Rica to work for EARTH University as a professor and director of Service Learning. There, he learned the value of teaching and pedagogical innovation. Towards his last years at that institution, he created the Program of International Studies and worked in close collaboration with universities from around the world. This experience later helped him to travel back to the United States and work as director of International Programs with the University of Minnesota and Western Illinois University, before ultimately accepting his current role as Director of International and Off-Campus Programs at Augustana. 

He has traveled around the world and learned to appreciate the value of multi-culturalism. It is never easy to cross cultural boundaries, but it is always rewarding and empowering. Today he is dedicated to encourage students at Augustana to travel abroad and benefit from the same experience.